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Our story

We have always been passionate about Icelandic art and, spirituality, products of nature. For years we planned to set up a webshop to introduce some of Icelandic our finest homemade art and clothing from our extended family and friends. Finally we have opened our amazing product line for you. 

Our healing retreat is a big passion for us as well where we provide a weekend of energy work,  love, music, spirituality and healing. 

Our Company

Armonia Iceland means to live in peace and harmony with other people and with nature. Our work, our weekend retreat, healing services, music and products are all derived directly from the powerful Icelandic nature. 



Who are we?

We are mainly a family run business but we also work closely with some of our talented friends that provide us with their loving art and talent.

Guðný Lára

Musician, Chinese medicine healer & artist
Guðný is a long-term musician and a music teacher, a jewelry artist and painter and is currently studying Chinese medicine. Guðný has also worked as a theater director and actress for many years.

Guðný grew up at the location of the retreat and knows all about the surroundings and the powerful mountains surrounding the location such as Búrfell, Ingólfsfjall, Hestjfall, Mosfell and more. Guðný is familiar with the power of the nature in the area as well as Iceland as a whole and uses natural herbs for all kinds of healing.

Stefán Örn

Musician & sound healer
Stefán is a long-term musician and a recording artist with years of experience working with sound and frequencies. He is also a sound healer using tuning forks with Biofiled tuning. Stefán has also worked as a theater music director and composer for many years.

Stefán is a "nerd" when it comes to sound healing, frequencies, vibrations and energy and uses that knowledge in meditations and sound healing sessions.

Alex Ernir

Musician & art student

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